About Cashless Mission

The SSAJ Services Pvt. Ltd. a registered private limited company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, control and managed by renowned Board of Directors. It provides Digital and cashless awareness and services online to you so that every Indian citizen joins Digital India and dream of Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. We are also continuously working on E-Governance and E-Commerce schemes so that every citizen of the country can avail the benefits of E-Governance Plan to make our country Digital India.

Your heartfelt congratulations to SSAJ Services Pvt. Ltd., We are fully cooperating with the Prime Minister of our country to make the country digital and cashless, And we are trying to add every urban, rural areas though our Digital Transaction Awareness Centers (DTAC), So every person in our country can be connected to Digital India and get aware about cashless transaction, We are constantly working to provide maximum training, learning and service to the every one in their place, More than 600 DTA Centers have been opened in the across of India. Our plan is to open 1,00,000 DTA Centers, Associate shops for cashless transactions and issue about 10,00,000 Prepaid Card learners and promote card holders to perform cashless transactions.

SSAJ Services Pvt Ltd. द्वारा विभिन्न तकनीकी सेवाओं को जन सुविधा के लिए तैयार किया गया है तथा उनका प्रसार सभी राज्यों में “Digital Transaction Awarness Centers (DTAC) नाम के तहत किया जा रहा है. सेवाओं को प्राप्त करने के तरीकों में बदलाव कर कम्पनी innovative तरीकों को Online-Cashless कर जनता के अनुभव को मधुर बना रही है. जहां IT आधारित सेवाओं को के तहत प्रसारित किया गया है, वहीँ वित्तीय समावेशन तथा अन्य सेवाओं के लिए “DTAC” ब्रांड को प्रसारित किया गया है.

To make Cashless Transaction Awareness mission more successful and to achieve the objectives to aware and trained digitally every citizen of country company joined hands and get associated with Professional and Technical organization “G R Institute of Technology”.

DTA Centers offers learning in Cashless Transaction skill development training and make every youth and citizen aware for Digital Transaction in cashless mode and to generate self employments at DTA Centers. in several states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal, Assam, Odissa, MP, Maharashtra, UP, Rajasthan, etc.

SSAJSPL has taken several initiatives to promote digital payments and achieve Cashless Transaction mission.

(a) To promote Digital payment transactions in cashless mode SSAJSPL has setup and established Digital Transaction Awareness Centers (DTAC) where local citizen get trained and provide support to them in performing cashless transactions.
(b) SSAJSPL organizing Training, Camps and workshops on digital payments awareness in local area of DTA Centers.
(c) Promotional materials on publicity of digital payments including audios, learning modules, videos etc materials is being shared with DTA Centers to create awareness and sensitization
(d) Digital Payment dash board creation is under process to track and monitor the progress of digital transactions achieved by DTA Centers.
(e) Promotion and awareness approach framework on digital payments has been shared with DTA Centers Banks
(f) Provide login Id, Devices and portal to DTAC for making digital Transaction, trained learners, and promotion and support programmes to learners for making cashless transactions.
(g) Get in touch with administration to know new developments and policies in digital transaction and cashless mission and implement the same policies at DTA centers.

Digital Transaction Awareness Center (DTAC)

DTA Centers : DTA Centers are the end user training centers and service provider to the citizen at local area. The DTAC render Digital Transaction Cashless Transaction awareness and services including financial, banking and other online services offered by company through our portal www.ssajservices.com . Till date company has network of more than 600 DTA Centers. It is the strength of the company. With the excellent team effort this associated strength getting expanded in number and wide area of the nation.