How to associated with us as DTCA

How to associated with us as DTCA

SSAJ Services Pvt. Ltd., We are fully cooperating with the Prime Minister of our country to make the country digital and cashless, And we are trying to add every urban, rural areas though our Digital Transaction Awareness Centers (DTAC), So every person in our country can be connected to Digital India and get aware about cashless transaction, We are constantly working to provide maximum training, learning and service to the every one in their place, More than 600 DTA Centers have been opened in the across of India. Our plan is to open 1,00,000 DTA Centers, Associate shops for cashless transactions and issue about 10,00,000 Prepaid Card learners and promote card holders to perform cashless transactions.

SSAJ Services Pvt Ltd. द्वारा विभिन्न तकनीकी सेवाओं को जन सुविधा के लिए तैयार किया गया है तथा उनका प्रसार सभी राज्यों में “Digital Transaction Awarness Centers (DTAC) नाम के तहत किया जा रहा है. सेवाओं को प्राप्त करने के तरीकों में बदलाव कर कम्पनी innovative तरीकों को Online-Cashless कर जनता के अनुभव को मधुर बना रही है. जहां IT आधारित सेवाओं को के तहत प्रसारित किया गया है, वहीँ वित्तीय समावेशन तथा अन्य सेवाओं के लिए “DTAC” ब्रांड को प्रसारित किया गया है.

Main Role of DTCA is to provide cashless-digital transaction, learning, training and make every youth and citizen aware for Digital Transaction in cashless mode and to generate self employments.

Role and Responsibilities of Digital Transaction Awareness Center (DTA Center)

10 Points Agenda.

Digital Transaction Awareness Centers (DTAC) has to take initiatives to promote digital payments and Cashless Transaction in the local area of the center.

(a) To promote Digital payment transactions in cashless mode Digitally.
(b) Support local citizen get trained and provide support to them in performing cashless transactions.
(c) DTA Centers has organizing Training, Camps and workshops on digital payments awareness in local area.
(d) Perform cashless transactions in DTA Center like Mobile, DTH recharge, Bill Payments, Money Transfer, Aadhar payment, payment with card swap.
(e) Perform online services like pan card application.
(f) Issue of Payment card authorized by Yes Bank to promote cashless transaction.
(g) Provide training and support to make card holders more aware about cashless transactions.
(h) Promote and insist card holders for making cashless transaction using payment card.
(i) Provide cashless transaction training to learners and card holders and collect learning fees.
(j) Get in touch with administration to know the new developments and policies in digital transaction and cashless mission.

How to become Company Franchise as Digital Transaction Awareness Center (DTA Center)

a) Download DTA Center franchise Application from. (Download DTA Center Application)
b) Fill up application for completely.
c) Scan Application Form.
d) Mail Application form with scan photo, self attested copies PAN Card, Adhar Card, Bank Passbook. (Mail to,
e) You may call to DTA District/State Coordinator for getting DTA Center
f) You may call Company Help Line 9065859909, 7004113766 for DTA center

Eligibility for Digital Transaction Awareness Center (DTA Center)

a. Minimum Educational qualification : 10+2
b. Required space for DTA Center : 150 Sq. to 200 Sq. Ft
c. Computer & Printer
d. Preference shall given to computer centers, shops running presently.
e. Knowledge of computer and digital transactions

What You Will Get to Your Digital Transaction Awareness Center (DTA Center)

a. Login Id and Access to portal for making Cashless Digital Transactions (Recharges, Bill Payment, Money Transfer payment with aadhar etc)
b. Login Id and Access to Portal for accepting Payment card Application
c. Login ID and Portal for Payment card Activation and Management
d. Login ID and Portal for PAN card Applications.
e. Promotional materials on publicity of digital payments including audios, learning modules, videos etc materials.
f. Commission on all digital transactions performed at DTA Center
g. Commission on Card Application
h. Charges from customers on other online services.
i. Support and facilities in creation of awareness of cashless transaction by card holders
j. Share in learners fees.
k. Financial support in creation of cashless Transactions Awareness
l. Training and Technical support 24x7
m. Introduction of New cashless/Digital Services.
n. Card swap Machine for cashless Transaction (Optional, on Demand of DTA)
o. Biometric Device for Aadhar Payment (Optional, on Demand of DTA)
p. Promotion and awareness approach framework on digital payments
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